Interview: Kobra Paige “No one should ever not do what they are passionate about”


Kobra And The Lotus have been seriously busy of late.  Touring both in Europe and the US and releasing the first instalment of their Prevail opus.  The life of a band on the road can be tough but Kobra Paige seems to take it all in her stride and never seems to be without a smile.  Here she talks to Gary Trueman about bad gear storage, female camaraderie and Michael Jackson.

Last time we chatted you were playing as support to Delain.  This time out you’re headlining your own shows.  What’s that like?

“It’s wonderful.  We’ve played headline shows before.  Last time we were in Milton Keynes it was at the same place The Craufurd Arms but it was more than a couple of years ago.  It’s fun because this venue just seems to keep growing with us.”

You had a bit of a set back with gear.  What happened?  Was it badly stored?

“It was terribly stored.  The drums are OK, the guys figured that out.  They’re OK, they’re not warped.  It was disappointing.  They were wet inside the cases.  The amplifiers are still there unfortunately.  It’s disappointing when people don’t value other people’s things.  It was sad to see that, they were covered in birdshit.  It’s not cool but we’re fixed up and ready to rock.”

Prevail I is out but when are we going to be getting Prevail II?

“Prevail II we can expect on May 11th actually.  That’s everywhere.”

What’s the reaction been like to the first half if you like of Prevail?

“It’s been widely well received which has been a blessing for us.  A goal for us was to not only seek an even more unique sound but to expand a little bit so more people could enjoy the music outside of the classic metal genres we had hit already.  It seems to have done that job for us.  It’s made people feel things too, both good and bad, which is funny and better than no reaction.”


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Devolution is a big supporter of emerging acts and also a supporter of female artists.  So with other female artists that you run into is there a camaraderie between the female band members?

“Yeah, there’s a lot of camaraderie among the women in metal because it’s actually not a big pool.  There’s still not a lot of us to cross paths on the road.  We only started touring with female fronted bands recently.  We toured with Delain last year and then Xandria this year.  Before then Amaranthe was the only time we played with any other woman.  I do have some good friends now.  I’m good friends with Dianne (Xandria) and also Lauren Hart from Once Human who is an exceptional growling vocalist.  We get on very well and will be there for each other right until the very end.”

It’s nice that there’s no sense of rivalry.

“The thing is when I look at all the bands that are touring and looking at my peer group, we’re so different.  There’s space for all of us because the flavour is so different.”

If you had to give a piece of advice to an aspiring female artist what would it be?

“Well if they’re in rock or metal they’re going to have to have a tough skin.  Never give up, it’s tough and you need to hang in there.  Perseverance is really the key.  Go for it, no one should ever not do what they are passionate about.  It’s important for the soul and enjoying life.  You’ll find good people to surround yourself with on the way.”

We’ve got a couple of movements over here called Girls To The Front and Safe Gigs For Women.  It’s no surprise that women can feel intimidated in a gig environment.  They ask men to show a bit of respect particularly when the crowds are getting boisterous, and also they seek to combat the gropers and generally make gigs somewhere that feel safe for women. Have you come across this type of movement in any other countries?

“No I haven’t unfortunately.  It’s silly that it’s not common sense that there can’t be a mutual respect anyway.  I think for 98% of the time people are already respectful.  But there is that 2% that makes me livid.”

So you’re playing The Craufurd Arms in the UK tonight but what is your favourite country and venue?

“Oh man!  That’s a tough one.  We’ve been to the UK  a number of times and there are a lot of passionate people here that really show support for us.  I’d say some of these shows are my favourites.  We went to Russia for the first time and that has to be one of my favourite places too.  It’s just loud and crazy.”

If you could bring back one musician that we’ve lost who would it be and why?

“Michael Jackson hands down.  To be honest it would be a split between Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury actually.  It’s tough we’ve lost so many, Tom Petty, Amy Winehouse.  There’s no way to pick one person.  Michael Jackson is at the top though.  To me he wasn’t human.  I have never seen an artist like him.  He was a creature of music in a different way.”

Interview by: Gary Trueman