Review: Wolf Cellar – Prey Like Us EP


Wolf Cellar – Prey Like Us EP

It’s often the case that music from our youth becomes far less edgy and much more tame as we get older.  The next generation feel the need to up the ante.  This is the most likely explanation for feisty three piece Wolf Cellar and their math core meets indie sound which will not appeal to the majority of parents when their kids are blasting out of their bedrooms at night.  This is a good thing because this five track outing might be as raw freshly sandpapered buttock but it still shows more intent and drive than most of what’s considered ‘good music’ these days.  Remember when the Marmozets started out?  Or Rolo Tomasi?  Well Wolf Cellar are in the same ball park.  Given time and encouragement it’s not improbable that they could become another cult band keeping bedrooms a parent free zone for a very long time

Reviewed by: Gary Trueman

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