Review: Jinjer – Live In Los Angeles


Live In Los Angeles – Napalm Records

The essence of a good live album:’ to capture that prime moment in time where a band is on
top of their game, egged on by a braying and attentive crowd. Where some live albums can
sound like a studio recording with crowd effects slapped atop it, you will know only
excellence is permitted with Jinjer. There is joy and catharsis bottled beautifully on ‘Live In
Los Angeles’, with the band delivering a typically ferocious set. Whether it is the ripping
opener “Sit, Stay, Rollover”, or the rousing yet poignant “Home Back”; the swirling “Vortex”,
or the flowing, resplendent “Perennial”, the Ukrainians produce a set with heft, impact,
delicacy and melody that is gleefully lapped-up by their adoring fans. Topped with a vicious
rendition of “On The Top”, you can see why the band has such reverence in the genre. As
live albums go, you do not get much better.

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Review by Lee Carter