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Macro – Napalm Records

There’s a new kid on the block and she’s not taking any shit. Enter Tatiana Shmaylyuk and the rest of Jinjer in the kind of sonic maelstrom that would be given a name if it were a hurricane. Macro doesn’t just take metalcore and make it relevant in 2019, it redefines what heavy music can be. Old metal tended to often be as sophisticated as a club with some nails in it. Effective but a tad direct. Jinjer are more like precision guided ordinance. They can surgically scramble your brains without the need to crack your skull open. Macro is simply jaw dropping in how it is put together. Yes it’s fast and furious. Yes it’s brutal. But it’s also technically breath taking and it has some lovely little flourishes that you only get with musicians at the top of their game. Just when you thought metal was becoming predictable Jinjer have come along and steered a new course. Macro could well be the Seek And Destroy of the digital generation.

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Review by Gary Trueman