Interview: As Everything Unfolds “We always do really well in Bristol.”

Ahead of their show in support of Electric Callboy in Glasgow at the 02 ABC Aggy Gillon caught up with Jon, George and Jamie for a chat. We discussed recording their album in lockdown, their aspirations to play Download Festival again and the highlights of their career so far. It wasn’t short of laughs as the lads were brimming with excitement for the night ahead. 

How are you guys enjoying the tour so far?

Jon: It’s only day three but I would say it rocks pretty hard so far. Glasgow’s going to be the best though right?

Other than Glasgow of course, is there a show on the tour you’re most excited about performing?

George: They all look pretty great! 

Jamie: On this run probably Bristol. We always do really well in Bristol. The Bristonian 

crowds! The crowds are normally really good!

What’s it been like to be on the road with Electric Callboy?

Jon: It’s pretty partyish *laughs*

George: They have a good time!

Jon: *laughs* yeah they do have a good time. And we get to see their massive faces on this big ole truck *laughs*

George: Everyday! 

Are they just as silly and fun as they seem?

Everyone: Yeah! *laughs* 

George: Yeah lots of fun

Jon: Silly boys. Silly German boys *laughs*

I read you will be touring with Skindred?

John: We are touring with Skindred soon. Next year in March

So you guys released Ultra Violet The Sophomore album. I actually reviewed it for Devolution magazine a while back. Can you tell me about it? The inspirations for it and stuff like that?

Jon: You’ll probably know more about it than we do *laughs* I only wrote the music though. I didn’t do anything about the emotions behind it. I just did big noises *laughs* Big riffs! Me and Adam the guitar man *makes guitar noises* He writes it with me. We do the instrumental and then Charlie comes along and does some nice things on top. It came together pretty quick. It was more natural than the first one which was a bit of a mess *laughs* This one is more streamlined. It’s a great album writing process. It was in COVID. 

How did that work having to do that during the pandemic?

Jon: We broke the law *laughs* 

Aw did you sneakily meet up and record? *laughs*

Jon: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Only two of us. He was in my bubble! *laughs* 

You guys played Download too?

George: Last year we played. It was wicked! 

Jon: I want to do it again! It was really good

George: Yeah! It went too quickly

If Andy Copping reads this put these guys on the bill *laughs*

Jon: Big up Andy! 

George: Yeah get us again. We’ll make you proud

Jon: Come on Andy! Do us a favour *laughs*

So tell me more about whats coming up in the tour

George: We have got a headline tour in January and February next year. We have one date in January and then the rest in February

Jon: Write all of these down

George: Don’t have to say all 12

Jon: Yeah! Write all of them in the press *laughs*

George: On the 1st were playing…

Jon: Send it to the presses!

George: 1st February were playing Bristol, 2nd 2nd Oxford, 3rd Bournemouth, 7th Brighton, 8th Ramsgate. 9th Nottingham, 10th Cardiff, 14th Leeds, 15th Glasgow again, 16th Newcastle, 17th Bedford.

So you guys formed in 2013. Are you all the original members?

Jon: Me and George are as original as you are gonna get right now. It was me, Adam and George doing a cover band for a girl called Becky’s birthday party *laughs* We just had such a good time. Big up Becky! So that’s where we formed. We were just fucking around for a while and then somewhere along the way it became real!

George: About five years later 

You guys have been going for quite some time now

George: It was pretend for a little while. I would say five years properly. 

So what was the turning point? 

George: We decided to write our own songs and play shows properly *laughs*

Jon: The album just did well

George: The album did well and we were just like lets just try

Is there anything in particular throughout your career that stands out to you guys? Like a favourite memory or? 

Jamie: I reckon it was the first Download pilot

Aw nice you guys done the pilot! How was it? 

Jamie: It was our first real festival and it was like after our album had come out. So it was like the first big show we had ever done really. 

George: What had we done before that? Like 20 people in Wycombe *laughs* 

Jon: I liked touring With Enter Shikari and it was nice to be their friend. 

Must be really cool to tour with a band you really love

Jon: Yeah…It was scary! *laughs* but it was cool

So obviously you cant fan girl in those situations either which would be hard

George: We did a bit! *laughs* We did fan girl

How are you guys feeling about tonight?

George: Pretty good! 

Jon: We’re into it now. Day three is always the best! 

Where did you guys play before this?

John: Oh….*laughs* Leeds

George: Yeah that was it *laughs* Portsmouth and Leeds

Jon: Had to think about that! 

Have you guys got a pre show ritual or anything like that?

George: I feel like we need to get one as everyone asks us *laughs* 

Jon: Callboy have a cool one don’t they?

Jamie: They like listen to a song for like half an hour *laughs*

It’s always fun to hear about these pre show rituals. It would be funny just to decide to do something mad *laughs*

Jon: Me and George we have a beer together and Jamie stretches *laughs* 

George: Yeah that’s pretty much it! *laughs* Charlie and Adam just look at each other in the mirror *laughs* 

I wont keep you guys too much longer but just briefly, what are the main influences behind As Everything Unfolds?

George: It’s pretty varied. Linkin Park was a recent one for the last album. 

Jon: Yeah Linkin Park was cool and also Bring Me The Horizon. 

Jamie: And Metallica

George: Metallica is a big one for us.

John: He loves Lars

George: I do love Lars *laughs* he’s so cool. I want him to take me to dinner .

What would you like to say to your fans?

Jon: Stay in school

George: That you’re all pretty damn cool

Jon: Yeah stay in school and keep on rocking, eat your greens

George: Don’t watch too much TV. Go outside and get some fresh air! 

Jon: Eat something spicy now and then

George: Enjoy food! *laughs* 

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Interview by Aggy Gillon