Review: As Everything Unfolds – Ultraviolet

As Everything Unfolds

Ultraviolet – Long Branch Records

Ultra Violet is atmospheric and multidimensional in sound, touching on various influences with a dusting of 90s and Nu Metal. Kicking off with strong guitar riffs and thrashing drums, the sound of turntables makes an appearance which takes you right back to the 00s. Charlie Rolfe enters and leads into a compelling chorus of clean vocals and lyrics that’ll be swirling in your head for days. Rolfe then unleashes powerful growls and proceeds with a mix of rap and clean vocals, which at times is reminiscent of 90s Metal band Kittie. ‘Felt Like Home’ brings it back to the present opening with more modern stylings paired with a larger than life killer hook suitable for an arena. The instrumentals have a time to shine in ‘Saint Or Rogue’ which opens with old school rock ‘n’ roll licks leading onto sick guitar solos. Taking the album in yet another direction without sounding chaotic with the help of Rolfes melodic and emphatically delivered vocals. ‘Flip Side’ will quench the thirst for those seeking a heavier sound. Full of attitude with a mix of screaming, distorted clean vocals and rap which really showcases Rolfes range. Going from strength to strength this UK based quintet shows no signs of slowing down. Be sure to check out their latest tour announcements and catch a live show.

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Review by Aggy Gillon