Review: Singles Round Up V1.5

Singles round up V1.5

Glytsh – Sav@ge

Brash, bold and bloody good Glytsh are making music that hits home by mixing up the genres while having at least one eye on the alternative club scene. Yes this this fierce but you can dance to it too. There are shades of Adrenalize era In This Moment in places, and also a hint of Nova Twins. It’s all so very fresh, and friendly. Sav@ge rocks.  Glytsh are ones to watch!

The Tenters – Indigo

Do you ever think back and wonder where all the warm wholesome acts went? Everything can be a bit brash these days. Enter The Tenters with a track that is just an anthem to better times. Well written and produced and with vocals that embrace, this is a fine release. Could that be a very young Bryan Adams at the mic? Indigo just hits the spot.

Celldweller – Blind Lead The Blind

Industrial stalwarts Celldweller know how to move with the times. This latest single is another sharp piece of work from the EBM giants. Fast paced, with some nice little drum punches, it also boasts well judged vocals and a cool overall vibe. Fans of the band will already be familiar with this song but for anyone less familiar this would be an ideal place to start listening.

Goo Goo Dolls – You Are The Answer

Domestic violence is dealt with in this poignantly crafted song (there’s an impressive video for it too – Watch Here). The Goo Goo Dolls cannot be praised highly enough for highlighting this often overlooked subject, and for dealing with it so sensitively. It’s hard not to feel emotional at the heart felt lyrics. Why have music if it can’t help people? This song will help many. A masterclass on so many levels.