Interview: Glytsh – Luna Blake: “I could write three pages about the meaning behind the name Glytsh.”

Don’t you just love it when a new artist catches your ear. Glytsh have been doing that to a lot of people lately. Their bright and breezy all encompassing sound is underscored by some astute writing skills. The duo, Hella Sin and Luna Blake chatted to Gary Trueman about the Glytsh name, their influences and when they’re aiming to start playing live shows.

Let’s start off with your name and its interesting spelling. Why Glytsh and presumably the ‘y’ and ‘s’ make it easy when searching so you don’t get mixed up with anybody or anything else? 

HS: “That’s pretty much it! We had to choose a variation of the word “glitch” that wasn’t already taken.”

LB: “I could write three pages about the meaning behind the name Glytsh but to keep it short, whoever doesn’t tick the norm box established by society is perceived as a malfunction, an error and yet, we find it fascinating like a disturbance that mirrors our fears.”

Your music is a mix of metal and electronica which reminds you a little of ‘Adrenalize’ era In This Moment. It’s a great and very modern sound.  Did you set out with a specific idea in mind from the start?

HS: “Although I really like In This Moment, I wouldn’t say they are a primary influence for us. I think the reason people think of us being similar in a way are more aesthetic based than musical. I obviously take it as a compliment because they’re a huge band! But yes, we started Glytsh with the idea of mixing metal riffs and hip-hop/electronic beats, but drawing inspiration from artists who make either of those genres without necessarily combining them if that makes sense.”

LB: “We’ve been compared with In this Moment quite a few time already and it’s an awesome compliment but it actually never come to our minds before. One of the artists who really inspired me for this project was Poppy. But don’t get me wrong if one day we get to go on tour with In this Moment I would die in peace.”

Your music will sit well in clubs as well as a live environment. You can dance to it, head bang to it, do what you like to it. Do you think that gives you a broader appeal than more traditional formats restricted within genre boundaries?

HS: “It can be a good and a bad thing. Sometimes people want/need music to fit in a certain category. But I’d still rather not be confined to one genre!”

LB:  “As Hella said there’re pros and cons but we don’t want to compromise just in order to fit in.”

You’re a duo. So how does that work in the recording studio? Who plays what and who writes the music and who writes the lyrics?  Do you have specific roles or do you both pitch in equally?

HS: “I was gonna say it’s a 50/50 effort, but that isn’t 100% true. We work with an incredible drummer (Rosalvo Melo), who comes in to fix my poor drum programming skills and make the riffs bounce with an actual drumkit. Otherwise yes. I take care of the guitar parts and Luna writes the lyrics and vocal melodies. I have played bass guitar on some songs too. The rest is an equal collaborative work. So far we have recorded everything in our respective home studios, drums included.”

LB: “It’s definitely a collaborative work. I usually write the electronic parts and vocal parts, Claire comes up with a banger riff that also helps structuring the song. In terms of drums, so far I came up with an electronic beat to give a “dancing” vibe and once we hit the guitar parts Hella programs a rock drums. Once we have a first demo we send it to Rosalvo who gives the real heart beat!  He re writes the drums as he wants and we are always super happy with it.”

How would a live show work? Would you use more musicians or remain a true duo with backing tracks where necessary?  Quite a lot of acts are using DJs these days too to fill out their sound.  Is that an option for you?

HS: “It’s important for us to have live drums on every show. I doubt we will ever have more than 3 people on stage though, but you never know! So yes, we use backing tracks. As our music has a lot of electronic elements, I think it works well.”

LB: “I guess it will be constantly evolving but we are happy being three on stage. It’s a nice balance, a magic number and makes everything so much easier.”

Are you looking to tour soon? What would that tour look like in terms of scope around the country?  Or abroad too?

HS: “2023 is the year we finally start playing live! London for sure, and we have a few other plans too. Nothing confirmed yet so we can’t tell!”

Are you looking to put out an EP or full album at some point in the near future?

HS: “Yes. We launched a fundraising campaign a couple of weeks ago, and we’ve already hit almost half of our target amount which is beyond amazing. The money will be used to record a new EP!”

Where do you both take your influences from? Are there any guilty or not so guilty secrets on either of your playlists?

HS: “Some of my favourite heavy bands in no particular order are Rage Against The Machine, Audioslave, Issues, Monuments, Ghostemane, In Flames….  No guilty secrets!”

LB: “My heart is definitely into Metal, hardcore, rock …. but I listen to so many different style of music and get inspiration from all of them. I don’t feel guilty about anything, I’m embracing it!”

If you could hop on a tour with any current act who would you choose and why?

HS: “I think we can both agree on Nine Inch Nails. As they are also one of the bands who pushed us to start this project together.”

LB: “I would love to go on tour with so many bands but yes NIN for sure or Peaches.”

Each of you get asked to pick a song to cover.  What would you choose, why would you choose it, and how much would it change from the original?

HS: “Speaking of Nine Inch Nails, we did a cover of ‘Closer’ in March. It was our first single actually! It was a very fun process, challenging too, as this is such a perfect song. We started close from the original, and it gradually develops into a way heavier version. The next track I would choose would be ‘All the things she said’ by t.A.T.u. – What a tune!”

LB: “Do it like a dude’ by Jessie J or ‘Fuck you’ by Lily Allen”

Interview by Gary Trueman