Review: Singles Round Up V3.1

Singles Round Up V3.1

Loz Campbell – Can’t get Enough

It’s been a miserable wet shitty winter so we’re all looking forward to the summer sun and some party fun. A bit of free flowing hard rock is just what we need to play as our soundtrack to the best of times, and Loz Campbell provides it here with ‘Can’t Get Enough’ from her forthcoming album. With classy vocals, slick guitar work and infectious rhythms this is a turn it up to eleven belter.

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Elysian Divide – Fall Down

It’s a bit criminal that Elysian Divide haven’t broken big yet. Their latest single ‘Fall Down’ ticks all the boxes. It has that lovely metal chug that makes you want to bang your head stupid. It’s got some neat musicianship that sets it apart from the pack. And Atashi Tada’s vocals ranging from clean to scream are right on point. This’ll be a banger live too so there’s really nothing to not like.

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Hauser – Song To The Moon

2Cellos become one with one half of the duo that brought us famed metal covers including ACDC’s Thunderstruck going full classical on us. This is a hauntingly beautiful rendition of ‘Song To The Moon’ taken from Rusalka by Antonín Dvo?ák. There’s always been a strong link between rock music and the older world of traditional composers. Here Hauser it at his best in showing us why good music is simply that.

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Wage War – Nail5

There’s all kinds of cool stuff happening on this song. Understated synths are accompanied by breathed on vocals and an industrial soundscape. Nail5 has that lovely pounding beat that makes it as hard as…. well…. nails. It doesn’t faff about with any wasted space either it’s just two and a half minutes of impending hit awesomeness. It could be the biggest thing since Drowning Pool’s Bodies hit the floor.

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Frank Turner – Letters

A commentary on the art of writing letters lost in a digital age observed in a way only a truly great wordsmith can. Frank Turner never really over complicates things. He just has a knack for writing what we often all think. This is yet another understated masterpiece from one of music’s ever nice guys. Don’t ever change Frank, you and your songs are perfect just the way they are.

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Reviews by Gary Trueman

Feature image photo of Loz Campbell by Jason Bridges

Hauser photo by Simon Emmett

Frank Turner photo by Shannon Shumaker