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Dominion – Atlantic Records

There’s been so much doom and gloom of late that you’d have to wonder if the dark clouds would ever lift. Well Memphis quartet Skillet clearly felt the same way and in Dominion have produced a record that is wholesome and positive. The upbeat nature of this album can’t be understated. The methodology is go big or go home rather than play it for the laughs.  You get great big choruses, grand soundscapes and punchy vocals all held together by some deftly light and airy production. Moments of reflection are uplifting while guitar solos are kept interesting with an understanding of why sometimes less is more. Skillet may well be part of the God squad but they don’t ram it down your throat. They also write damn (sorry for the blasphemy) fine songs that allow for a variety of interpretations. Dominion gives you hope of a better future irrespective of your faith or lack of it. It is a universally loveable work. Skillet just released their finest set of songs to date and we can all rejoice in that.

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Review by Gary Trueman