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Lucifer IV – Century Media

Good old Lucifer. Four albums down the line yet their love for the dark lord still remains as strong. And we’re not talking Voldemort here. Reliable and stoic as ever, Lucifer deliver dark and doomy riffs mixed with jolly and jaunty melodies. From some bands we demand progress. From Lucifer we desire what they do best – Satan appreciation in the form of Johanna Sadonis’ haunting, sultry vocals, classic song titles such as ‘Crucifix (I Burn For You)’, ‘The Funeral Pyre’ and ‘Wild Hearses’, and at least one band member wearing a leather military-style hat. And that is exactly what we get in ‘Lucifer IV’. Hell, why not rename them The Postal Service, because they always deliver???? Ha! No? Ahem. Listen out for the church organ opening of ‘Mausoleum’, the grating riffs of ‘Cold As A Tombstone’, and the only way possible to open a track named ‘Nightmare’. Here’s to ‘Lucifer V’ … ‘Lucifer X’ … *Devo locates son’s Latin textbook* … ‘Lucifer C’!!!!

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Review by Jo Wright