Review: Lucifer – Lucifer III











Lucifer III – Century Media Records

Devoted and dependable, Lucifer have produced a third album which is as solid as they come. Johanna Sadonis’ vocals are still killer. The dark, prolific, doom rock tunes are still constant. Guitars rev through ‘Midnight Phantom’, ‘Flanked By Snakes’ and ‘Lucifer’ (which Devo has been singing around the locked down house, much to the confusion of a fellow detainee, who declared that this was not their given name, and where was their snack???). ‘Leather Demon’ and ‘Coffin Fever’ see a sleazy drop in tempo but no downturn in intensity of emotions. ‘Stay Astray’ is an awesome track name, and the song, as you would expect, follows suit. Lucifer list their influences to include Black Sabbath, Steppenwolf and Fleetwood Mac, and it’s a joy to play their new record, which brings back the best musical styles of some of history’s most glorious bands. Cliched as it may be, we look forward to ‘Lucifer IV’. And ‘Lucifer X’. And ‘Lucifer L’.

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Review by Jo Wright