News: Red Method Close Out Their Debut Album Cycle “For The Sick” On November 20th (‘International Survivors Of Suicide Loss’ Day) With An Intensely Powerful Finale…


Red Method Close Out Their Debut Album Cycle “For The Sick” On November 20th (‘International Survivors Of Suicide Loss’ Day) With An Intensely Powerful Finale…

“Adriel is a true story about a very close friend of mine who tragically took his own life many years ago. It took over 20 years to find comfort in writing this song. The best way I can describe the grief and trauma I carried over the years is to say it’s similar to carrying stones in your pocket. When you walk, the stone brushes against your skin. You feel it, you always feel it. But depending on the way you stand or the way your body moves, the smooth edges might barely graze your body and not feel anything just numbness but sometimes you can lean the wrong way and the sharp edges will cut into you deep, but you have to keep going because not everyone knows about your stone, or if they do, they don’t realise how much pain it brings.

We wanted to share this song on this day hoping it will resonate with all. We want to let everyone know that they are not alone, don’t ignore the signs, don’t wallow in self pity and self medicate – reach out you are all amazing, ” (says lead singer Jeremy Solomon).

Adriel is the final single released from Red Method’s debut album For The Sick accompanied by an incredibly moving video which sees the sextet playing the entire song in reverse.

Watch the official video clip here:

“We had no idea when we were naming our album For The Sick how on the nose it was going to be…. (explains electronics and keyboard player Alex The AvD) We released it, played the first gig on our tour to promote For The Sick and the world… Well, we all know what happened. We were so ahead of the game, we hadn’t even been a band for a year and we had been invited to return to play Bloodstock, Tech-Fest UK and even play Download Festival to name a few things we didn’t get to do…. We are releasing this to close out what we put so much of ourselves in to. We are going to give this record the send off it deserves,”

Red Method will be hitting the road across the UK with The Five Hundred:

November 2021
Saturday 20th of November: Finns: Weymouth
Sunday 21st of November: The Cavern; Exeter

December 2021
Thursday 2nd December: Komedia: Brighton
Friday 3rd December 2021: Billy Bootleggers: Nottingham
Sat 4th December 2021: The Fighting Cocks: Kingston
Sunday 5th December: Cobblestones: Bridgwater