Review: Pretty Addicted – Soul For Sale










Pretty Addicted

Soul For Sale

(Self Released)

Mixing 90s dance with dark and moody punky gothness is something we’ve grown to love about Pretty Addicted. In a world of pigeon holing sub-genres and manufactured pap Vicious Precious is the flip side of the coin – a bona fide no fucks given creative tour de force. You can’t just run on energy alone though and Soul For Sale shows that while the foundations remain strong the music has progressed once again. There are key familiarities that immediately tell you this is a Pretty Addicted record. The signature keyboard strokes and that unmistakable voice are all present and correct. This is a yet more advanced set of songs though. The vocals are cleaner more often, and snarl beautifully when let off the leash. The song writing is world class, particularly in how the structure of the music flows. The whole package is something that you can only admire as a fully DIY piece of work. The attention to detail from the cover art, insert photos, through to the songs and the mix are peerless. ‘In ‘Dickhead’ we have an absolute floor filling banger. ‘Oink Fuckin Oink (Piggy II)’ is a blast and ‘Lone Wolf’ is the dark horse – seriously clever – and has real bite. With lyrics straight from heart and soul, this is the best yet from one of UK music’s finest talents.

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Review by Gary Trueman