Review: Fyzz Wallis Band – Siren Song EP










Fyzz Wallis Band

Siren Song EP – Self released

With foot tapping catchiness and a down to earth delivery the Siren Song EP will put a smile on all but the most stone faced music fan. The title track itself it has to be said is a slow burner but it smoulders rather nicely in the same vain as Portishead’s classic Glory Box. It’s a bold move opening with a slower tempo, it shows real confidence – and it pays off. The quirky nature of The Fyzz Wallis band, the witty lyrics and the grunge pop stance, make them memorable for all the right reasons. They’re a great fit live (when that can happen again) for all kinds of other acts and genres. This EP is a welcome reminder of just how you can write about serious subjects and inject a little tongue in cheek humour. And indeed write about things less serious too. It would be wrong to not also mention what may well be the first embroidered cover art – a nice touch showing DIY real spirit. Fyzz Wallis band show you can have fun and make a point.  ‘The Siren Song EP represents the beating heart of underground music. Buy it, enjoy it, and it’ll put a spring in your step in return.

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Review by Gary Trueman