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Fyzz Wallis Band

Pretty Good For A Boy – Self Released

With a gender swap situation as a title track it’s pretty clear the Fyzz Wallis Band have something to say.  The clever bit is how they say it.  This isn’t finger wagging feminist ranting, it’s much more a case of here’s my shoes now go walk a mile in them. The slightly tongue in cheek approach makes for something that is always listenable but still gets its point across. All three songs on this EP are well penned and written in a way that make you think you’re listening to a signed act from one of those larger genre specific labels. The production is spot on too with hints of garage rock coming through the polished finish. It has an edge but still feels natural.  Trying to force people through the door marked feminism isn’t always the best way forward.  Leaving the door open and making people curious enough walk through it on their own is a great plan though.  That’s what Pretty Good For  A Boy is all about and it does it very well indeed.

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Review by Gary Trueman