Review: The Shit Talkers – True Stories De Nada










The Shit Talkers

True Stories De Nada – Mountain Momma Records

Making punk fun again are The Shit Talkers from Canada. What they’ve done with True Stories De Nada is take all that edgy dis-chord and anger you normally get and make it catchy…..but not too catchy.  Then they’ve added some wonderfully irreverent lyrics and Bob (or should that be Bobbie) is your uncle (aunt). It’s a record that sits nicely in the garage mould and still shouts quality. Canada has form for producing class acts. Kittie and Kill Matilda spring to mind here. And now we can add The Shit Talkers to that list. Anyone that can come up with a songs like ‘Makin Bay Beez’ and ‘Boob Sox’ and have them make their point while still having a laugh too deserve to be taken notice of.  The Shit Talkers, cool name, do anything but, and they do it with a grin on their faces, and right now we need as much happy as we can get.

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Review by Gary Trueman