Review: IDestroy – We Are Girls











We Are Girls – Self Released

There couldn’t be much more of a contrast between We Are Girls and the grey gloom that is an early February day. The weather may well be plain but this album is a kaleidoscope of jump around punk, alt rock and the more guitar driven side of new wave. It hooks up your strings and marionette’s you into jumping around where ever you’re listening – mind the old lady at the bus stop then! As a three piece you expect IDestroy to have a clean sound – they do. They play it tight too though which is great news as you can hear every little nuance of each instrument. So often you can hear in an album a band that has become stodgy like a tired old ale.  We Are Girls is more a fruit cocktail, with a secret shot of spirit, and one of those little umbrellas on top. It’s stylish and fun while underneath there’s real bite.  The vocals are sweet but have grit in all the right places. This is a press play and repeat feast.

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Review by Gary Trueman