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The Shit Talkers

I Scream – Mountain Momma Records

What is it about Canada that it gifts the world so much great music?  Most will know the big metal hitters such as Kittie and Kobra And The Lotus, some may even be fans of less well known acts such as Kill Matilda. Well now there’s a fresh band from the land of the maple leaf called The Shit Talkers and if this eight track feast is anything to go by they deserve some global recognition too. Using punk as a starting point this four piece bring enough wider influence into the mix to sound fresh.  There are nods towards The Slits and The Muffs in there along with a punchy garage vibe that makes I Scream sound like it wants to bring bit of anarchy into your life. Wonderfully vibrant and played with some skill this record demands you pogo along. The Shit Talkers have done Canada proud.

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Review by Gary Trueman