Review: The Alligator Wine – Demons Of The Mind










The Alligator Wine

Demons Of The Mind – Century Media Records

When a band is described as being able to spice up any party or funeral, you know you’re in for a good time. The Alligator Wine are two guys making some cosmic sounds, the likes of which have not been heard before. And without a guitar in sight. Who knew? ‘Shotgun’ opens this cracker of a kooky album like a bullet from a bonkers gun. ‘Ten Million Slaves’ sees the welcome return of the epic take no prisoners key solo. When and why did these fall out of favour in modern music? Bring them back, dammit. Follow the reptile and release those keys. ‘Demons Of The Mind’ is, indeed, a mind altering treat. Although to be honest, we were sold at the mention of wine…

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Review by Jo Wright