Review: Pharmacose – Prescription Fiction Part I











Prescription Fiction Part I – Self Released

What do we want? Gutsy, confident, indie rock n roll with massive choruses and the experience and expertise to make us mosh, m-o-s-h, MOSH! When do we want it? Yesterday! Forever! Always! Noooooowwww!!! Phew. What do we also want? Pre Covid we’d probably be like, ‘clothes! Chocolate! Diamonds damn it, diamonds!!!’ Now it’s fair to say our desires have become more focused. We want flour. But more so, we want our friends. Our families. We want safety and certainty. We want our health. Our physical and our mental health. Whatever the situation and circumstances, we have always longed to be healthy and happy in our own minds. Pharmacose want you to know you are not alone if your head’s not in a great place. Mentally, that’s a big comfort. Musically this is a big record. Each of the six songs on ‘Prescription Fiction Part 1’ are edgy all-out rockers that would sit nicely on alternative radio playlists. This mini album is super strong. Just like you.

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Review by Jo Wright