Review: The Fangs Of The Dodo – The Curtained Sleep










The Fangs Of The Dodo

The Curtained Sleep – Self Released

Goths like to dance don’t they? Apart from on your grave that is….they can do broody and upbeat can’t they? Well of course they can, and The Fangs Of The Dodo are living breathing proof. The Curtained Sleep shows a band that are offering way more than just promise, they’re pretty much demanding superstardom. You’ve got the anthemic punch of My Chemical Romance, the pop hooks of The Birthday Massacre and the iconography of the mighty Sister Of Mercy  (all be it more colourful) all wrapped in to one convenient package. Make no mistake this EP is a game changer, it simply reeks of class. The song writing sounds like it has come from the pens of seasoned pros but the vibe is exciting and new. The production is sublime too, just enough gain, no gimmicks and trimmed to perfection. Then we get to the vocals, both of them. Yep, The Fangs Of The Dodo boast both male and female vocals that take primary place depending on the song. It’s a big ace up the sleeve to have that kind of versatility. The Curtained Sleep is a wake up call that will rouse not just the goths out there but will reach far wider. This could be one of the surprise hits of the year.

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Review by Gary Trueman