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Strange Bones

Blitz EP Part 2 – Ditto Music

4.35pm. Tea needs cooking, washing wants sorting, dog is pestering for an outing. 4.36pm. Put on ‘Blitz Part 2 EP’. 4.36pm and ten seconds. Wtf? 4.36pm and roughly 30 seconds. Ahhhh. A punk vs heavy electronica vibe kicks in. And things are not necessarily any clearer, but it’s a winning combination, nonetheless. Strange Bones look menacing, sound suitably so, and produce intelligent and individual music. And they appear to be angry. This band sound like they have no time for your sh*t, my sh*t, or anyone else’s sh*t for that matter. But they do have a killer selection of bleeps, beeps, beats and petulant vocals, teamed with a seeming urgency to lay each track down and move on to their next concept, so it’s no wonder they’re a bit pressed for time. Tea, washing and dog all still need dealing with. Sorry*. Good, progressive music before all else.

*not sorry

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Review by Jo Wright