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Bones UK

Unplugged EP – Sumerian Records

Stripped down and laid bare can catch out the overconfident artist. Going unplugged therefore is a brave move but Bones UK not only nail it with this cracking EP, they show just why they got that Grammy nomination. This is a sultry intimate record that has some wonderfully delicate touches while still retaining the punch the songs were intended to have. There are moments when you can feel yourself being pulled into the live show itself, almost becoming a part of it. The nature of going unplugged creates a starkness that Bones UK use well to their advantage with clever arrangements that allow the vocals to be crisp without ever sounding forced. It means that everything sounds natural and organic. If you liked the original series of unplugged albums that were put out a while back then you’ll love this EP. Bones UK have delivered a little mini masterpiece.

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Review by Gary Trueman