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Bones UK – Sumerian Records

There’s something reassuring about Bones UK and it takes a little time to realise exactly what it is.  In an age of music manipulation with one eye on a record label executive’s bank account this is a band that aren’t frightened to express themselves.  Now we all know that many other artists do this, particularly in the alternative world, but this is different.  Bones UK have made a record that sounds like it might earworm its way into the skulls of the masses.  It has pop hooks and is catchy as hell.  But it also has a rawness too in a kind of garage punk way.  The electronica side of things adds smoothness and a little 80s kitsch in a good way too.  Then there’s the lyrics which poke at your conscience.  It’s wordsmithing at its finest where you find yourself singing along only to start realising the truth in what is being said.  Bones UK are empowered and importantly inspire empowerment.  They’ve also produced a damn fine record.

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Review by Gary Trueman