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Metempsychosis – Art As Catharsis Records

‘Compositions’ is the key word here. There are no vocals, only epic tracks mostly over nine minutes long, and not a note out of place. Hubris know what they are doing. Which is, essentially, making an enchanting album to enthral and educate. Each composition is named after, and revolves around, the lives and trials of characters from Greek mythology, including ‘Adonis’, ‘Icarus’ and ‘Heracles’ (aka Hercules). Get Google ready if you’ve forgotten what you learnt at school… As you can imagine, a band that has the intelligence to delve into this rich subject and bring it to life through their music are not going to give us anything shoddy. ‘Metempsychosis’ is stunning stuff. We’ve said it before at Devo and we’ll say it again – the standard of musicianship and care taken by bands crafting albums is astonishing. And ‘Metempsychosis’ is no exception.

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Review by Jo Wright