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Spirit Of Rebellion – Dead Seed Productions

Mortiis’s extended two track album begins with an epic introduction, setting the tone and pace for what could only be described as a cinematically inspired chapter and continuation of the “-1994 Era I classic “Ånden som Gjorde Opprør”. ‘Spirit of Rebellion’ is a forceful piece of musical composition. When listening to it, it lulls you into Mortiis’ world. Strong Drums rhythmically keep us on course, as we listen to what can only be looked upon as a deliciously dark and decadent, fantastical opus. It transports you into a medieval world of witchcraft. ogres and fantasy,(in a way a bit like Tolkien having a dark trip on Acid). Vocals are powerful and clean, with a wonderful grimy overtone in places. All in all a brilliant listen. The only concern would be to newer audiences listening for the first time, and possibly being put off by the grand and drawn out introduction. But stick to it and you will absolutely love Mortiis’ latest offering as much as we did.

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Review by Lucy Slessor