Review: Anti-Flag – American Reckoning



American Reckoning – Spinefarm Records

It’s a bold move to expose yourself to the glare of public scrutiny by going acoustic.  For a band like Anti-Flag that boldness is more of a gamble because of how their music is usually played and the risk they are taking in showing an inevitably softer side, or so you would assume.  That American Reckoning works so well and sounds so on point throughout is testimony to the skill of the song writing.  The real knockout punch is that the intensity you get with a fully plugged in Anti-Flag is maintained.  Put simply this album rocks.  It may be a tad quieter than we’re used to hearing from the Pennsylvanian punksters but there’s real energy and feeling here all the way through.  This is an intimate soul searching record that should be on any essential to buy list.

Review by Gary Trueman