Review: Pollypikpocketz – ‘Ang On A Minute











‘Ang On A Minute – Self Released

Is there such a thing as NuPunk? Labelling music has got to the point where it’s probably best if we don’t but if we still do then Pollypikpocketz must qualify for this particular niche. They have the rhythm and guitar locked down in a kind of punk and roll frenzy. It all upbeat and sounds like they’re plenty of fun live (they are). Then there’s Myura up on the mic sounding like she means business but also kicks out a slightly ska vibe too. The great thing is none of this is confusing. In the world of Pollypikpocketz it all makes fantastic sense. ‘Ang On A Minute is simply an album of well written tunes you can bop around too and enjoy.  Isn’t that what music is all about. NuPunk? Who Knows?  Who needs a label when the music is this good anyway?

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Review by Gary Trueman