Rewview: Renegade Cartel – Dear World










Renegade Cartel

Dear World – Self Released

Paying rock n roll the respect it jolly well deserves, Renegade Cartel are a three-man riot of riffs and grooves. How do three-pieces manage to make so much fine noise? Talent, hard work and commitment to the cause in this case, it’s fair to say. Tempo goes up (‘Break Your Chains’, ‘Drown’), tempo goes down (‘Dear World’, ‘Home’). There’s plenty to go at on this debut album. Each track has a fine rooting in classic rock. The lyrics are considered and no two tracks are the same. In the words of these Boston-based American boys, ‘there’ll be one you dig’. Sweet words, no? ‘Dear World’ has a massive good-time rock feel, and if Renegade Cartel ever play at your local, you need to get down there fast. This record hangs together great through your own speakers, but live will reach a whole new level.

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Review by Jo Wright