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Tokyo Taboo

Whiskey EP – Self Released

When does a single become an EP? Does it even matter? Well here we have Tokyo Taboo with six tracks of two songs put out for their new single Whiskey. The great thing here is they’re all so different it makes this a very worthwhile release. There’s latest single Whiskey itself, then we get live versions of that and No Pleasure Only Pain, plus the same again unplugged and a Whiskey remix. The live recordings are well done and showcase the band in the raw, you just have to close your eyes and imagine the show. The unplugged versions are quite brilliant. They highlight Dolly’s vocal quality along with the strong song writing. When you’re unplugged there’s nowhere to hide and it’s here that Tokyo Taboo show their undeniably class. There’s also an electronica ‘Deflexity’ remix which can be filed under ‘for TT connoisseurs’ as it delves a little more deeply into the structure of Whiskey along with an electro beat. Tokyo Taboo are now one of the fast risers of the underground. So much so 2020 could see them popping up just about everywhere. Whiskey will only enhance that formidable reputation and help grow their fan base. Right now Tokyo Taboo seem unstoppable.

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Review by Gary Trueman