Review: Black Heart Saints – Misery EP










Black Heart Saints

Misery EP – Self Released      

Puppies should be cute and fluffy. Rock bands should be, to borrow from Black Heart Saints’ bio, ‘dangerous and dirty’. Mmm Hmm. Roll up, roll up then, if you need your music fix with gutsy grooves, delightfully solid, sleazy guitars, slick basslines and deliciously feral vocals. All this given to us by musicians who sound like they are having an absolute blast. Black Heart Saints rattle through all four tracks like their lives depend on it. And so to these songs themselves. Swaggering ‘Lines’, wind em up watch em go ‘Crazy’, and a rock n roll reimagining of Robert Palmer’s ‘Addicted To Love’. The record closes with ‘Misery’, a cunning little beast which kicks off bluesy before all hell lets loose and the track becomes more lively and excitable than a shaken bottle of Champagne. Sounds good hey? By the way, the band are releasing one track at a time digitally, with ‘Lines’ being the first one. So sorry (not sorry) for the spoilers…

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Review by Jo Wright