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Lauren Tate

Songs For Sad Girls – Trash Queen Records

Not content with heading up one of the UK’s fastest rising acts Lauren Tate shows she’s so much more than a one trick pony with this superbly constructed solo album. One of the most immediately obvious things about Songs For Sad Girls is that it bears little in common musically with Hands Off Gretel, although there are references to a couple of the band’s songs. There is a common link through Tate’s instantly recognisable vocal and writing style. This is a softer semi-acoustic release that brings the lyrics, and they are often poignant, into sharp focus. It’s this emphasis shift that not only makes this album a memorable stand-alone but also shows what a gem of a song writer the UK has in Lauren Tate. The erudite nature of the lyrics come from someone who is baring her soul while at the same time making telling observations on modern society.  This isn’t just about male entitlement either, it covers so much more such as societal expectations placed on women and the less than simple emotion of being in love. Throughout history music has produced strong, sassy and empowered female artists who have become icons of their generation. To the names of Janis Joplin, Courtney Love, Gwen Stefani and Pink we could soon be adding the name of Lauren Tate. Songs For Sad Girls is a modern day classic in the making and its creator has only just got started.

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Review by Gary Trueman