Review: Words That Burn – Pyres


Words That Burn

Pyres – Self Released

Not fans of the gentle intro, Words That Burn start most songs on ‘Pyres’ with face-melting ferocity. Their sole intention appears to be making our ears bleed with this gloriously noisy record. Do you hear that? It’s the sound of NO ONE complaining. ‘Pyres’ is loud, heavy, growl-tastic and riff-tacular. It comes straight for you and smacks you around the head with its massive sound. Then highlight track ‘Deathgrip’ kicks you in the shins for good measure. These boys from Dundalk, Ireland, deploy the heaviest of their arsenal in ‘Fire In The Air’. The melodious ‘Shallow Sleep’ is cathartic. Keys throughout add another, more ethereal, dimension to ‘Pyres’’ impressive metal mayhem. This is an album that hurtles towards you like a ball of flames. Take cover. Or take note. This is a band that deserves to rise to the top.

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Review by Jo Wright