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Parasitic Twins/The Carnival Rejects

The Parasitic Rejects EP – Man Demolish Records

Is there anything finer than a full-of-energy, full-of-intentions-to-demolish punk band? Who needs songs that last longer than two minutes anyway? The Carnival Rejects’ three frenetic ‘tunes’ (the term is used loosely) make you want to run around in a continuous 360 degrees for their duration and form your very own circle pit regardless of location. The main culprit for this is ‘Seize Control’ – a tidy little seek and destroy punk banger. Parasitic Twins are an altogether scarier creature. ‘Autopsy’ is what you may well need if you’ve accidentally got the volume a bit high. It’ll blow your mind – literally and figuratively. It’s scratchy, hissing, noisy and bold. ‘Feel Nothing’ is a similarly feral offering from these purveyors of lo-fi doom. A chaotic cover of Babylon Zoo’s spaceman? Check. What do you mean ‘who’? Parasitic Twins are superbly irreverent, which is actually true of this whole EP, come to think of it.

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Review by Jo Wright