Review: Saints Among Us – All On Black EP



Saints Among Us

All On Black EP – Self Released

Thoughtful and gentle alt electro rock songs that pack an almighty punch – ‘All On Black EP’ is simply gorgeous. Maddy’s vocals are mesmerising. She has the sweetest voice. Soft, light, but with immense power – to reach an impressive range (especially on the title track) but also to move you spiritually. Her voice is like watching fluffy white clouds float along a blue sky on a sunny day. Although without cries of ‘look at that one! It’s shaped like a Siberian Husky – see?’ ‘Nope, looks like a regular cumulonimbus to me, buddy…’. But Saints Among Us’ tunes don’t simply pass you by. They are bewitching. This is stop-what-you’re-doing, let your coffee get cold stuff, while the music fills your focus. ‘Kings And Queens’ is spellbinding. The sorrow-filled lyrics of ‘Tears Of Gold’ are set against sparkling synths, and a singing voice as lovely as a cooling breeze on a hot summer day. ‘All On Black EP’ is a glittering little record.

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Review by Jo Wright