Review: Wild Planes – Singing ‘n’ Slingin EP


Wild Planes

Singin ‘n’ Slingin EP – Self Released

Pop and rock-fusing New York City three-piece Wild Planes aim to bring joy to our lives. They do just that with this five-track bundle of fun. Good time song ‘Drunk’ is a stand out for its laugh-out-loud lyrics and light, carefree guitars. It’s reminiscent of the type of party we of a certain age will have vague memories/unwanted flashbacks of. Indeed, ‘Drunk’ may well describe nights that resulted in some of us swearing off rum for life. And gin. And vodka… Take a deep breath, maybe even a run up, and attempt to hit the high notes in the hair metal style chorus of ‘I’m Back’. ‘Money’ hops along happily, with a no-way-you-can’t-nod-your-head-to-this hook. ‘Singin ‘n’ Slingin’ is polished and professional, and while the band don’t take themselves too seriously, the quality of their songs and their playing is uncompromising. We need bands like this, especially at the minute. Whatever your troubles, ‘Singin ‘n’ Slingin’ will make you smile.

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Review by Jo Wright