Review: Spreading The Disease – Mindcells EP


Spreading The Disease

Mindcells EP – Surgery Records

There’s much talk these days within metal circles where words such as technical, nuance and subtle are used frequently.  It’s like the music of Thor and Beelzebub has become a fine wine savoured by being swilled around inside your ears, or at least the ears of geeks. Well Spreading The Disease are having none of that. They are the super strength lager of metal, and this special brew crew are here to obliterate your brain cells with their sledgehammer music. This EP is full of the kind of modern metal that defies you not to mosh. There are a few nods in the direction of Djent to add a little seasoning, but the pie itself is still true to a tried a tested recipe. Mindcells manages to transfer the live energy of Spreading The Disease into a studio recording and then into your head so successfully you can shut your eyes and imagine you’re about to collide with some thrasher and spill your pint. So in a way this EP is just like being there, but without the laundry bill.

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Review by Gary Trueman