Review: Death Blooms – You Are Filth EP


Death Blooms

You Are Filth EP – Self Released

This four-track flamethrower of an EP makes you want to walk into the apocalyptic heat, arms outstretched, embracing the onslaught. There’s no cowering here. Lead singer Paul Barrow puts his heart and soul into ‘Crosses’, a song born of sadness, with vocals unleashing a howling agony. The rest of the band have got his back, coming in hot and heavy – pounding, crashing and slashing at their instruments. ‘Filth’ and ‘Believe’ give a little glimpse of Barrow’s clean singing voice, but it’s blink and you miss it, because he’s not gonna play nice. The default setting is scraping, scratching and screaming over his finest men, who create a constant and impenetrable wall of metalcore that us mere mortals can only bow down before. Despite its ferocity, ‘You Are Filth’ is melodic throughout, especially in ‘Believe’. ‘Rotting Away’ slams into a bleak, discordant intro. It rings in your ears for days and rips apart well, everything. Including Barrow’s larynx. This is all-out music from the heart. Death Blooms are hammering it home hard – like it or not, this is happening. And we like it. Very much.

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Review by Jo Wright