Review: The Raven Age – Conspiracy


The Raven Age

Conspiracy – Corvid Records

Expectations are gonna be pretty high for this record. You don’t have form for whipping up Iron Maiden’s crowd with just a rudimentary grasp of a G major chord. And this record is anything but basic. Vision-blurring drumming, cool, crisp vocals (with an impressive, effortless range), and a torrent of guitars rampage through ‘Conspiracy’ with searing heat. Addictive choruses are standard throughout (it’s a job to stop playing Joan Of Arc inspired ‘Fleur De Lis’ to be honest). Track after track the guitars are majestic. The shifts they put in on ‘Stigmata’ and ‘Seventh Heaven’ are phenomenal. ‘Grave Of The Fireflies’ is beyond beautiful. Musically it’s a metalcore hard rock masterpiece, crammed with conviction and packed with power. Lyrically it’s a book of history, twisting myths and touching truths. ‘Conspiracy’ is intelligent, polished and considered. And really loud. And really, really good.

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Review by Jo Wright