Review: Buckcherry – Warpaint



Warpaint – Century Media Records

For over 20 years Buckcherry have flown the flag with tremendous flair and style as advocates for dirty, passionate and raw rock and roll. The band have cemented themselves as party pioneers and this all goes hand in hand with sex love and drugs that has been the staple and successful diet of their musical career. ‘Warpaint’ is studio album number eight and it’s an absolute corker. This record is Buckcherry at their finest allowing these catchy and infectious tracks to be so accessible and fun that they scream for radio play.  With an upbeat and sexy version of Nine Inch Nails ‘Head Like A Hole’ cover thrown in for good measure this album is a plethora of ear candy that Josh Todd and Co can be extremely proud of.  Having witnessed some of these tracks live too it goes to show that if you have a winning formula that isn’t broken then there really is no need to fix it.

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Review by Nickie Hobbs