Review: A Pale Horse Named Death – When The World Becomes Undone


A Pale Horse named Death

When The World Becomes Undone – Long Branch Records

The universe is imploding and there is absolute chaos and sheer uncertainly the globe over. Welcome in the soundtrack to the apocalypse… When The World Becomes Undone. This record created by doom titans APHND is utterly miserable, incredibly emotive and melancholy drenched. The interludes are misery, despair and desperation yet somehow there is an edge of hope that tails off at the end of each section. Every chord is struck so perfectly and executed with absolute precision that it puts you on edge as if you’re waiting for a dramatic falter in the sound and that never ever comes so it only heightens your experience as a listener of every single track.  It’s cinematic and grandeur and quite frankly it’s another level. The whole record is a life and death experience.  The first single ‘Love The Ones You Hate’ with its catchy as hell chorus leads you into a false sense of security as the rest of the album provides a doom soundscape to hell. Whilst tracks ‘Splinters’ and ‘Vultures’ with their heavy signature sound envelope you like an old friend. The Type O Negative, Sabbath and even some Floyd influences are completely evident but APHND have defined their own sound…hell they may have even defined their own genre and it’s a thing of utter beauty! This record does not disappoint and the wait was justified – you can’t rush perfection and this offering is just so absolutely perfect.  

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Review by Nickie Hobbs