Review: Wilson – Tasty Nasty



Tasty Nasty – Century Media

So, you’re first to arrive at the party. You make a start on the Sauvignon Blanc. Pardon? Right, sorry, beer. Then these five heroes from Detroit roll in. Brace yourselves for lyrical irreverence and humour, belted out over easy grooves and a rock/hip-hop fusion. It’s time to offer the highest of fives and call each other ‘duuuuuuude’. That’s right, all hail Wilson. Get ready to share your Sauvignon. Wait, no. Beer. Beer dammit. It’s windows down, system up stuff. As long as you’re not driving through a residential area. ‘Dumptruck’ is an absolute monster of an album opener. Guitars and shouting and all the good stuff. There’s the laugh out loud lyrics of ‘Like A Baller’. The happy-go-lucky, live for today, laid back ‘Act My Age’. ‘Everyone Gets A Round On Me’ has a sweet little tune that’s bordering on pop territory. Honest! Tasty Nasty is an album of catchy choruses and inappropriate lyrics that need to be taken about as seriously as the band take themselves (read: not very). Party on guys

Review by Jo Wright