Review: Healthy Junkies – Delirious Dream


Healthy Junkies

Delirious Dream – Cargo Records

Somewhere between sleaze and punk lies a band that have been steadily building up the kind of momentum that has taken on the proportions of a runaway train.  The Healthy Junkies pay little attention to fads and trends, they just make music that stirs the soul.  Delirious Dream is a snapshot of here and now from a group who, by the time you hear these songs, will already be somewhere in the future.  To be able to take a sound that is recognisable from the 60’s (They have included a Nancy Sinatra cover as proof) and DeLorean it into something fit to please and thrill people well into the 2020’s and beyond is astonishing in itself.  To do so with such panache and flamboyance is truly amazing.  For the Healthy Junkies all their hard work may just about be ready to pay off big time.

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Review by Gary Trueman