Review: Evil Scarecrow – Chapter IV: Antarctica


Evil Scarecrow

Chapter IV: Antarctica – Dead Box Records

Fears from some quarters that metal lunatics Evil Scarecrow have gone all serious can be firmly put to rest with this latest release.  Once again the lords of metal mirth are taking themselves oh so not too seriously by doing what they do best.  The music is of course right on point, and there’s plenty to admire in just how this album is put together.  The workings are neat and tidy which means the band get to entertain in their unique way while putting themselves in a position of near impregnability as musicians.  In many ways this is a more complete album, a more consistent set of songs than Evil Scarecrow have put out before.  It might not have a Crabulon but it does make for an easy ear worm all the way through.  The band that brought Blue Peter videos into our lives have stepped up a gear in terms of polish but their course is still very firmly set to tongue in cheek.  Chapter IV: Antarctica isn’t just a cool album, it’s sub zero.

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Review by Gary Trueman