Review: Powerflo – Bring That Shit Back EP



Bring That Shit Back EP – New Damage Records

Made up of members of Cypress Hill, Biohazard, ex Fear Factory,Downset and Worst you could almost grant Powerflo supergroup status and the music on this EP reflects those combined talents. Kicking off with a rocked up version of the Bob Marley hit Get Up Stand Up (Stand Up For Your Rights) shows where this combo like to work.  You get obvious metal and punk influences working in tandem with hip hop.  Nothing new in the theory but the delivery is spot on.  Elsewhere there are three different mixes of Where I Stay and The Grind along with a single version of the title track. It’s likely fans of any of these bands will want to add at least a song or two from this EP to their collection and in a way that’s the idea of putting out differing versions. The music deserves a wider reach though, particularly that wonderful opener. There’s more than enough here to suggest Powerflo as a live entity would be very welcome. Some shows have already gone ahead and they’re also playing at Download festival this June. Hopefully there will be much more to follow both on stage and in recorded form. Powerflo bring the power, proving experience counts.

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