News: Sons of Alpha Centauri and Karma to Burn Return for a Boxset of the Split Trilogy

Over the past 10 years Karma to Burn and Sons of Alpha Centauri have engaged on an audio assault by ram raiding riff after riff into the instrumental stoner stratosphere. This cosmic mission commenced on star date 2007 when members of each band worked together on a projected entitled ‘Alpha Cat’ resulting in the legendary split collaboration album ‘Last Day of Summer’ released on Underdogma Records in 2009.

When the Karma To Burn reunion was fully confirmed the floodgates opened and over the course of five years 3 split vinyls followed from both bands including the first of the DesertFest vinyl releases and multiple shows across the UK.

Release on July 4th, the boxset is limited to only 200 copies it includes the whole set of Split-7″ in a new colour presentation together with: A 28 page booklet with a behind the scenes history and making of, exclusive pictures & unseen artwork / sketches; Collaborative companions like John Garcia, Alexander von Wieding, Jake & Reece (Desertfest London) and former Karma To Burn members; Prologue from former label and website managers reinforcing the incredible story of the two bands;  An exclusive 7″ of their collaboration ‘Alpha Cat’ (first time on vinyl!); CD Version with all songs; exclusive Promotion Postcards and limited tour poster print;

This is available for a very period with 45 boxsets available from Karma to Burn only on their European tour and 20 boxsets available from Sons Of Alpha Centauri via their Bandcamp page here:

Orders will be limited to two per person.

For more information you can find them here: Sons Of Alpha Centauri Facebook