Review: Millie Manders And The Shutup – Wake Up, Shut Up, Work

Millie Manders And The Shutup

Wake Up, Shut Up, Work – Self Released

It’s astonishing to think that previous album ‘Telling Truths, Breaking Ties’ is already four years old, so this next helping from Millie Manders And The Shutup is very welcome. But how on earth do you follow such a huge set of songs? Fortunately Millie Manders is not only incredibly driven but is also a passionate creative surrounded by other amazingly talented artists. The result is an even deeper and more mature work than we’ve seen before. And that bar was already set high into the clouds. The blend of rock, ska and punk garnished with a hint of rap is still there. The dare you to dance melodies and massive hooks you know will kill it live are bursting from every seam. And of course the social commentary and thought provoking lyrics are as on point as ever. Millie has never shied away from speaking out be it through song, in person or on social media. Here her wise words alone often have you rewinding to hear over and over again. ‘Wake Up, Shut Up, Work’ shows what happens when artists mature both naturally and through sheer bloody hard work. It’s something no amount of money can buy. It’s a set of songs that are hewn from the human heart and soul and sung by someone that makes you feel their emotions as if they were your own. This could (and should) be the album that elevates Millie Manders And The Shutup from punk heroes to household names.

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Review by Gary Trueman