Review: The X – The World Is Burning, Let’s Dance EP

The X
The World is Burning, Let’s Dance EP – Self released

Electro experimental duo The X are saying what most of us find ourselves thinking on a
daily basis: ‘WTF!?’. Few sounds or sentiments are left unexplored across this EP. A lesser
band would sound like they were mixing Ross Geller from ‘Friends’’ keyboard skills with the
acid house dawn chorus that either wakes you up at 4am or signals insomnia has struck
again. The X’s musical take on things is tasteful, however. And though not always tuneful in
the traditional sense, it’s thoughtful. ‘404’s’ chorus is catchy and poppy, in contrast to its
verses which are layered like chattering musings in an overstimulated mind. Futuristic
‘Freak’ maintains the hypnotic beats that flow through this EP. Trippy and dancey, never
before has a track been so suited to being accompanied by strobe lights. Some of the beeps
on ‘OK!OK!’ have not been heard since The Shamen took to the charts in the 90s. So thank
you to The X for introducing is to something new yet somehow nostalgic. But to be honest,
the press release had us at ‘FFO Nine Inch Nails’. Ahhh, Trent…

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Review by Jo Wright