Review: Lady Rage – Hear Me Screaming

Lady Rage

Hear Me Screaming – Self Released

There are times in a band’s development when, if all goes well, things just click. And so it is with Lady Rage and ‘Hear Me Screaming’. This is a coming together of a lot of different parts that you already knew had so much potential. The fierceness is still at the core of everything. It pervades with focussed menace. The ladies are indeed raging! What makes this so much more is the way the melodies fit, the wonderful chugging groove and the stylish guitar work. You get some nice tempo changes too which add depth and perspective. Siren Sycho has one of the most devastatingly memorable vocals around and this is the perfect vehicle to compliment that uniqueness. Punk rock has moved in all kinds of diverse directions but the heavier acts have largely remained firmly stuck in past decades. Lady Rage have dragged that sound kicking and snarling into the present with this fine album. ‘Hear Me Screaming’ is a modern day classic that deserves to be heard well into the future.

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Review by Gary Trueman